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Our services

1. Online assessment

Primarily we inspect the internet sites for page structure, navigation concept and client information. We also perform typical online applications (e.g. Offer research and selection, ordering, contact with company). If requested we also make test orders.

2. Security Check

To establish the safety status we implement port-scanners and security-scanners as well as other specialised tools. We test the web server and the web applications and also online

3. On site auditing

In an on site audit we test the consistency of the organisation and processes for the s@fer-shopping standard and may also reveal available optimisation potential. Yet another benefit from certification! The main emphasis of the on site audit is in particular on organisation framework, data safety and data protection as well as the processing of orders, inquiries and complaints.

4. Detailed reports

You receive a detailed report from us on each of the above mentioned assessments. In this report we list possible deviations to the standard and give you tips on how to improve your offer. On certification you receive not only our certificate and certification mark but also valuable information on your company, which means a continuous improved performance.

5. Certificate and Certification mark

On certification you receive the TÜV SÜD s@fer-shopping certification mark for your website as well as a certificate. You can use this certification mark (with a reference to your website) in prospectuses, catalogues and all printed material.