Our quality criteria

A company must be technically and organisationally reliable and comply with high demands on service quality and safety to receive the s@fer-shopping certification mark. The certification focuses on:


Ease of use and manageability

e.g. Is it straightforward for the online client? Is it easy to get to where you want to go? Can the purchase be completed with the minimum of fuss?


Safety of personal information

e.g. Are personal data from the online clients, in particular bank details, sufficiently protected? Is the client comprehensively informed about the use of her or his data?


Processes for the online trader

e.g. Is the order processed in the exact manner of which the online client has been informed? Are partners – such as suppliers – sufficiently involved in the quality and safety strategy?


Every individual on the market has their own needs. That’s why we have several requirements catalogues for the certification of different offers such as online-shops, travel agencies, insurance agencies.


In general we base our requirements on

  • The management framework
  • Data safety
  • Data protection
  • Online contents and processes

Requirements catalogue for downloading

Requirements catalogue for online shops


Current requirements catalogue B2C-Shops, dated 13.07.2021 (pdf-file, 280 kB)


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Requirements for online traders in the travel branch


Current requirements catalogue Travel, dated 14.05.2021 (pdf-file, 100 kB)


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